Are you or a loved one considering a change in lifestyle as you grow older? Maybe you would prefer freedom from home maintenance. Or would you like to age-in-place but your home requires extensive – and expensive – repairs or renovations to make that happen?

Perhaps your parent is beginning to need a helping hand with the basics of daily life or you’re searching for solutions to combat the loneliness or isolation that seems to be setting in.

If this sounds familiar to your family, you may be considering whether a move to a senior living community might be the best decision.

But a common question many ask is how to know if this is the right choice.

Making the best senior living decision

One way to simplify the process is to answer a set of questions to help determine if a community would be able to meet your needs and be a good fit.

The following are 10 questions that might help guide your family’s decision: 

  1. Does your existing home provide a safe and supporting environment to age well?

Houses were often not built with aging-in-place in mind. It’s not uncommon to find steps and stairs, narrow halls and doorways and other design features that challenge accessibility.

It may be expensive to make your home age-friendly – and inconvenient to live with the needed construction.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities are built with accessibility in mind.

  1. Are you or your parent finding homeownership too much to handle?

Even if your home can accommodate and support growing older, many owners find it exhausting and stressful to continue the home’s upkeep.

Houses require almost constant maintenance, repairs, or finding reputable companies to do the work. And don’t forget the yard work and landscaping.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities offer a maintenance-free lifestyle.

  1. Is loneliness or social isolation becoming a problem?

Staying active plays a large role in supporting your physical and mental health. But it can be a challenge to remain connected with others as you grow older.

There might be mobility issues, illness or chronic conditions that keep someone at home. It may also be more difficult to drive or attend activities and social events.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities provide a variety of activities and social events.

  1. Are your physical health and mental health in good condition?

It can become challenging to take the necessary steps to maintain both your physical and mental health, including getting to the gym or exercise class or participating in activities that are mentally stimulating.

Is senior living the right decision? Many communities offer fitness centers, classes and activities to keep your body and mind in shape.

  1. Would you enjoy having more friends to share life with?

Our friendships may decline as we grow older, either from losing people we were close with, increased distance geographically or otherwise not being able to share time together.

It can also be more challenging to make friends as the opportunities to do so seem to shrink.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities provide the people and the possibilities to meet and make new friends.

  1. Has your neighborhood changed or is it no longer as convenient?

Neighborhoods change and yours may no longer be the fit it once was. Friends might have moved and you may now have little in common with your new neighbors.

Your streets may no longer be walkable, traffic may have increased and needed services now require extensive driving.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities offer almost everything you need on-site, including security.

  1. Are you able to continue eating healthy?

It’s crucial to eat healthy and get all the right nutrients to fuel both your body and mind. But not only can it become more of a challenge to shop or cook healthy meals, your energy and interest may be waning as well.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities offer a wide selection of delicious and nutritious meal options.

  1. Are you no longer driving?

Many older adults experience a negative impact on their independence and ability to continue to enjoy activities they once did when they no longer drive. Asking for rides or relying on the goodness of family and friends may persuade them to just stay at home instead.

Is senior living the right decision? Many communities offer scheduled transportation to medical appointments, social activities and shopping.

  1. Do you need assistance with daily tasks?

It’s not uncommon to need a helping hand with the basic tasks of daily life, such as bathing, dressing, managing medications or taking care of the housekeeping. Many older adults are hesitant to ask their family and neighbors for help.

Is senior living the right decision? Assisted living communities are there to help their residents with daily tasks and help promote their independence.

  1. Is your quality of life improving or declining?

One of the most important steps you can take is to honestly assess your quality of life.

If it’s declining, review your answers to the above questions and take steps now to make any needed changes.

Is senior living the right decision? Communities are designed to support their residents to age and live well. Discover how they can help you live your best life.

The Charleston Senior Community

Locally owned and operated, we offer personalized care by our dedicated team members. Setting a new standard in Assisted Living and Memory Care, we don’t define our residents by their limitations or illness but instead believe in focusing on the positive and the possibility.

The Charleston Senior Community includes private apartments for assisted living residents and for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Your loved ones will benefit from our attention to detail, routine health assessments, delicious dining and daily activity programs as we support them to live their best life.

Consider a few of our amenities:

  • Chef-led dining program
  • Community movie theater
  • Salon
  • Ballroom
  • Live entertainment
  • Outdoor patio
  • Social lounges
  • Housekeeping

If your family is thinking about assisted living or memory care for your loved one, we hope you will consider The Charleston Senior Community. We are a trusted resource and are here to answer any questions. We also invite you to download our complimentary information, A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing.