After a lifetime of work and responsibilities, are you or a loved one beginning to consider what features and elements could help you achieve your highest quality of life?

If so, you may be considering senior living communities but are not quite sure what options are available – or how to choose the one that would be the best fit.

Understanding your senior living needs and wants is a great place to start when determining how to achieve your desired lifestyle.

Senior living options

The following is a brief overview of four of the different types of senior living, which are distinguished by the type of services they provide:

  • Independent Living

These communities appeal to older adults who want to continue living an independent life but with the convenience of on-site activities, social events, dining and the camaraderie of new friends.

  • Assisted Living

Those looking for the same type of lifestyle mentioned above but who also need a helping hand with the basic daily tasks often choose an assisted living community.

  • Memory Care

These communities can be in a stand-alone building or as part of an assisted or senior living community and are designed to care for those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

  • Skilled Nursing or Long-Term Care

These residential communities provide supervised care for those who need 24/7 attention and who aren’t able to care for themselves. Rehabilitative services may also be provided.

Defining your senior living needs and wants

How do you choose which type of senior living would be best for you or a loved one? You may want to start by assessing any health or care needs. Next, determine what type of lifestyle you are looking for. If there are specific or unique features that are important, make sure to add these to the list. 

To clarify your senior living needs and wants, asking the following questions may help. Your answers can assist in matching your preferences with the best senior living community: 

  • Do you need help with daily basic needs?

Are you or your loved one able to live independently but need help with getting dressed, bathing, grooming, managing medications or eating a healthy diet?

Senior living option to consider: Assisted living

  • Is assistance needed beyond the basic daily needs?

Do you or a loved one need help with typical daily tasks, such as those listed above, but are also living with a chronic medical condition or dementia that requires 24/7 care?

Senior living option to consider: Memory care or other long-term care

  • Does your family member have dementia or memory impairment?

If your loved one is living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, are they able to be cared for at home or are the needs exceeding the care that can reasonably be provided?

Senior living option to consider: Memory care or assisted living 

  • Is your family member safe living at home?

For those who are living with dementia, which is a progressive disease, the time may come when they are no longer safe living at home and may need to live in a more secure environment.

Senior living option to consider: Memory care or assisted living

  • Is your family member able to shop, plan and prepare healthy food?

Eating right and getting the needed nutrients is key to living and aging well but as we grow older that can become more of a challenge.

Senior living option to consider: Assisted living

  • Are you looking for an easier, maintenance-free lifestyle?

Are you ready to relinquish the headache of homeownership? Would you like someone else to take care of the repairs, maintenance and upkeep?

Senior living option to consider: Independent living or assisted living

  • Are you searching for an independent lifestyle?

You want to remain independent and make all of your own decisions. The great news is you won’t need to sacrifice that with today’s senior living communities.

Senior living option to consider: Independent living or assisted living

  • Are you or your family member becoming lonely or socially isolated?

As we grow older, it can become easier to become lonely or isolated due to some of the circumstances that may naturally occur with aging.

Senior living option to consider: Assisted living or independent living

  • Are you no longer able to participate in activities you enjoy?

You likely know that remaining active and connecting with others is essential to both your physical and mental health. But you may find it more challenging to schedule or attend these events.

Senior living option to consider: Assisted living

  •  Are you or your loved one unable to drive?  

If you’re driving less or have decided to no longer drive, you may worry that you’re missing out on participating in activities as you once did. 

Senior living option to consider: Assisted living

The Charleston Senior Community

Locally owned and operated, we offer personalized care by our dedicated team members. Setting a new standard in Assisted Living and Memory Care, we don’t define our residents by their limitations or illness but instead believe in focusing on the positive and the possibility.

The Charleston Senior Community includes private apartments for assisted living residents and for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Your loved ones will benefit from our attention to detail, routine health assessments, delicious dining and daily activity programs as we support them to live their best life.

Consider a few of our amenities:

  • Chef-led dining program
  • Community movie theater
  • Salon
  • Ballroom
  • Live entertainment
  • Outdoor patio
  • Social lounges
  • Housekeeping

If your family is thinking about assisted living or memory care for your loved one, we hope you will consider The Charleston Senior Community. We are a trusted resource and are here to answer any questions. We also invite you to download our complimentary information, A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing.