If you or a parent are finding daily tasks more challenging, your family may be considering available options that can provide a helping hand while still allowing for the type of independent lifestyle desired.

An assisted living community is one choice that not only offers several advantages but can also deliver the type of services that will support achieving a high quality of life.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a residential community that provides:

  • Help with the tasks of daily life
  • Supports its residents to continue living independently
  • Offers opportunities to participate in activities and remain socially engaged

If you’re not yet familiar with everything a community has to offer, the following services are typically found:

What is assisted living? A private residence.

Communities typically offer private residences that can be personalized to make them home. You’ll discover a variety of floorplans, locations in the community and other options such as views, patios or decks.

One great benefit is knowing that your home is age-friendly and accessible. There will be no need for expensive renovations or worries about navigating stairs to get to your bedroom or laundry room. And an additional bonus? You’ll enjoy maintenance-free living so you’ll no longer be responsible for any repairs or upkeep.

What is assisted living? Help and assistance when needed.

Community life is perfect for those older adults who still enjoy a mostly independent life but could use a little assistance with basic tasks. If your parents need help getting dressed, grooming, preparing food or managing their medications, moving to assisted living could be the perfect solution.

Having assistance helps a person feel more independent and in control as they no longer need to rely on family or friends for help. The community’s compassionate staff is available 24/7. Your parents will feel reassured knowing that help is available if ever needed.

What is assisted living? Nutritious and delicious dining.

Eating a regular healthy diet can greatly impact an individual’s physical and cognitive health. However, as we grow older, planning, shopping and preparing these meals can prove more difficult. Unfortunately, it may become easier to substitute unhealthy foods or even skip a meal altogether.

Assisted living communities provide daily meals and snacks that are not only healthy but delicious as well. All your parents will need to do is choose from the several menu selections – and enjoy.

What is assisted living? Activities and social events.

One of the biggest influences on keeping healthy is to remain active and engaged with others. Although as we grow older, it may become more difficult to participate in the pursuits once enjoyed, especially if mobility or transportation becomes an obstacle.

Assisted living communities provide a monthly calendar of activities and social events for the residents to choose from and enjoy. Not only do they help enrich life, but they are also perfect opportunities to meet new residents and begin forming friendships.

What is assisted living? Physical and cognitive fitness opportunities.

Staying in shape is another essential feature of aging and living well. Exercise and participating in stimulating activities greatly contribute to an individual’s health. However, it can become more of a challenge to go to a gym or find a class that is tailored to the needs of an older adult.

If an assisted living community is home, it is as simple as walking out your door. Most communities have fitness centers or offer exercise instruction, relaxation or stretching classes.

What is assisted living? Scheduled transportation.

If your parents are no longer driving, they may be unable to join others in favorite activities or remain a part of their community. Relying on others for transportation often encourages an older adult to stay home instead, leading to increasing isolation.

Community life includes scheduled transportation to medical appointments, shopping and entertainment or social events. Your parents can leave the driving to someone else and not feel as if they’re missing out.

What is assisted living? Enhanced security and safety.

As we grow older, we may also find ourselves worrying more about our safety. It could be from concern that we may fall or not be able to maneuver the stairs. We may also find ourselves feeling less safe living alone or in our neighborhood.

An assisted living community offers added security and safety features, with personnel and alarm systems, and is included in the community and in the personal residences.

The Charleston Senior Community.

Locally owned and operated, we offer personalized care by our dedicated team members. Setting a new standard in Assisted Living and Memory Care, we don’t define our residents by their limitations or illness but instead, believe in focusing on the positive and the possibility.

The Charleston Senior Community includes private apartments for assisted living residents and for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Your loved ones will benefit from our attention to detail, routine health assessments, delicious dining and daily activity programs as we support everyone to live their best life.

Consider a few of our amenities:

  • Chef-led dining program
  • Community movie theater
  • Salon
  • Ballroom
  • Live entertainment
  • Outdoor patio
  • Social lounges
  • Housekeeping

If you or your family is thinking about Assisted living or Memory care, we hope you will consider The Charleston Senior Community. We are a trusted resource and are here to answer any questions. We also invite you to download our complimentary guide, Should You Stay or Should You Go: How to Decide Between Home and Senior Living.