Waldorf, MD Parks – And Why Connecting with Nature Benefits Seniors

Have you ever wondered why you almost always feel better when you spend time outdoors? It’s not just your imagination. Researchers have found a link that can mean better physical and mental health. [...]

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Waldorf, MD’s Arts and Learning Opportunities for Seniors

Did you know there are activities you can enjoy in retirement that can also improve cognitive function, memory and self-esteem? Results discovered from participating in the arts and lifelong learning have included a [...]

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Finding Connection and Purpose During Retirement in Waldorf, MD

A dream retirement lifestyle is often defined differently depending on the individual. Some people will travel – either to see the world or the grandchildren that mean the world to them. Others might [...]

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Comparing the Cost and Value of Assisted Living with Care at Home

If you or your parents need a helping hand with bathing, cooking, managing medications or other daily tasks, you may be considering how best to receive assistance while also being supported to live [...]

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What to Look for When Touring an Assisted Living Community

The advantages of an assisted living community are many. Private residences, nutritious and delicious dining programs, on-site activities and the opportunities to meet and make new friends are only a few. But choosing [...]

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Home Care vs Assisted Living: Comparing the Benefits and Costs

If your parents are determined to remain independent but are beginning to struggle with basic daily tasks and could use a helping hand, there are two great options that provide additional care: In-home [...]

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