If you’ve been supporting your parents to successfully navigate the challenges of growing older at home, you may eventually develop a troublesome concern. Things often begin to change.

You might also find yourself asking these questions if you’re noticing a difference in your parents’ quality of life:

  • Are your parents starting to sound lonely?
  • Can they still manage the basic tasks of daily living?
  • Are they able to participate in the activities they once enjoyed?
  • Is their health declining?
  • Are they not eating as well as they once did?

Your world may be different as well

Juggling the care and attention your parents need with the growing demands of a career or children might be proving increasingly difficult for you. With only 24 hours in a day, you may be unable to run as many errands or help them with house projects.

You might also find yourself becoming more anxious – about their safety, whether they’re remembering to take their medications or if they can still take care of each other.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reconsider whether living at home is still the best choice for your parents. It’s not always easy to know when more help with daily living may be needed. But the goal is to help your parents remain independent, fulfilled, and engaged.

Could assisted living be the right fit for your family?

There is one option you may want to consider that could meet everyone’s needs.

An assisted living community.

If you’re witnessing any of the following 5 signs, your loved ones might need a higher level of care and could benefit from the advantages of assisted living.

Ask yourself if your parents are beginning to experience the following:

1. Less able to handle daily responsibilities

Are your parents struggling with bathing or getting dressed? They may be afraid to get into or out of the tub – and zippers and buttons can become frustrating.  

Mobility may also present more of a challenge. Or your parents may not have the same level of energy to accomplish certain tasks. Housekeeping and home maintenance can become overwhelming.

What assisted living can offer: a compassionate staff to assist with the daily tasks.

Your parents may feel more secure and will appreciate knowing that help is always available. They’ll also enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle and extra time to spend as they wish.

2. Not eating as healthy as they should

After a lifetime of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up after meals, your parents may no longer have the energy to do so. But the right nutrition is too important to both physical and cognitive health, so this isn’t the time to shortchange their diet.  

What assisted living can offer: nutritious and delicious meals.

Senior living communities understand the importance of nutrition and are experienced in preparing and presenting meals to make them most appealing. And your parents’ role? All they’ll need to do is pick from the many choices available and then sit back and enjoy.

3. Becoming lonely or socially isolated

These conditions often become more common because of situations that can occur as we grow older – such as loss of family and friends or no longer driving. But experiencing loneliness or isolation can be detrimental to your parents’ health. Watch for signs of depression or resignation.

What assisted living can offer: many opportunities to meet and make new friends.

Your parents will have numerous chances to meet their neighbors and other residents. Communities plan activities and social events that promote getting together and getting to know each other in a natural way.

4. Declining in health

Are you beginning to see a decline in your parents physical or cognitive health? One reason may be the result of less activity or being unable to attend events. If they are becoming more sedentary, their well-being can also deteriorate, making it harder to live a quality life.

What assisted living can offer: options to support your parents to age and live well.

And they couldn’t be more convenient. Waiting right outside their door, your parents will find the health benefits of a fitness center, classes, games, educational programs, book clubs or enjoying coffee and conversation with friends.

5. Caregiving needs exceeding what you can provide

Families help as much as they can but what your parents need to live a safe and engaged life may one day exceed what is possible for you to deliver.

What assisted living can offer: reassurance that your parents are well cared for.

Your loved ones will receive the care and attention they need 24/7. Quality of life also often improves as older adults may become more active, eat healthier and enjoy the advantages of friendships.

You’ll benefit as well, knowing your parents aren’t alone. You won’t have to worry about their safety, nutrition or medication management. Instead, you can once again delight in the time spent together as parents and child – instead of parents and caregiver.

The benefits of assisted living don’t stop there

There are additional advantages to community life your parents will appreciate – which can help create their perfect home, such as:

  • Private residences
  • Support for independence
  • Freedom of choices
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Comfort in knowing that someone is always there

The Charleston Senior Community

Locally owned and operated, we offer personalized care by our dedicated team members. Setting a new standard in Assisted Living and Memory Care, we don’t define our residents by their limitations or illness but instead believe in focusing on the positive and the possibility.

The Charleston Senior Community includes private apartments for assisted living residents as well as private or companion-style memory care suites for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Your loved ones will benefit from our attention to detail, routine health assessments, delicious dining and daily activity programs as we support them to live their best life.

Consider a few of our amenities:

  • Chef-led restaurant
  • Community movie theater
  • Salon
  • Ballroom
  • Live entertainment
  • Outdoor patio
  • Social lounges
  • Housekeeping

If your family is considering assisted living or memory care for your loved one, we hope you will consider The Charleston Senior Community. We are a trusted resource and are here to answer any questions. We also invite you to download our complimentary information, A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing.